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About E-Wallet

Payments made easy with our new e-wallet feature!!!

What is EWallet? EWallet is a feature exclusively for customers who have registered an account with us. EWallet allows you to store funds in a secure environment, and eliminate the need to enter in your account information when making your payment.

How do I set-up my E-Wallet? Your E-Wallet is automatically created immediately you login or register. You can access your E-wallet by clicking the E-Wallet tab in the Menu. Next, a simple screen will appear showing you your Wallet and the balance you have. Your funds will remain saved in a secure environment and available whenever you want to make your next payment.

How can I Topup my e-wallet? You can top up your e-wallet at anytime simply by clicking on E-Wallet Tab in the Header Menu, a simple screen will appear showing you your Wallet. Click on Wallet TopUp and type in the amount you want to top up. Proceed to payment and your funds will be credited to your e-wallet immediately.

What information is stored in E-Wallet? E-Wallet stores only the funds you deposit. WE DO NOT STORE your credit card or debit card information.

Can I withdraw from my E-wallet back into my Bank Account? For now, you can only use the funds in your e-wallet to upgrade your account. Our Developers are working really hard to make it possible for you to transfer funds from your e-wallet to your friend or even withdraw directly into your bank account. When that feature is released, we will update everyone.

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